Electronic cigarette use among teens: pros and cons.

The use of cigarettes historically dates back 5,000 years before Christ. The reason for its development lies in the sense of fulfillment, relaxation and helps build social relationships.

The introduction of the electronic cigarette served to decrease the risk related to combustion and inhaled harmful substances. A study carried out in Leipzig, Germany, highlighted the problem of addiction in the United States to smoking “vaping” especially by young people. Research of the impact of so-called vaping is still scarce, but it is well understood effects on lung function and especially periodontal disease.

Although evidence on the effects of vaping e-cigarettes versus traditional smoking on oral health is still scant, there is compelling evidence that it can damage teeth, mouth and gums.

The researchers (read article in Science Advances) showed that the oral microbiome of e-cigarette users without periodontal disease closely resembled the microbiome of people with periodontitis.

A study published in iScience found that 43% of people who use e-cigarettes have periodontal disease and oral infections, while a study published in Frontiers in Oral Health showed that e-cigarette aerosol can cause clinical attachment loss.

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