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We are a company founded in 2011 as a distributor of orthodontic CAD systems. Today we provide comprehensive services for dental offices and laboratories.

We have been a 3Shape partner since 2011. We provide complete systems for studies and laboratories, from intraoral scanning to dedicated CAD software.

LabCare, CliniCare, TRIOS Care, are 3Shape formulas with assistance included. NOT immediate.
Basic/TRIOS Only systems are with paid support. Each open case has a cost of €100+VAT.

Support included: send an email to parent company support. Variable response times.

It is always possible to schedule a no-cost service with our technicians.

Fee-for-service: immediate intake. Chargeback at end of case.

We have adopted two printing technologies: laser and LCD.

The laser one exclusively for the chairside project for production of Class IIa permanent restorations in hybrid composite or ceramic.

LCD ones for all types of printing, because they are fast and reliable and most importantly open source.

There are several companies that specialize in materials specifically for the dental and industrial sectors.

For dental, CE IIa classification is valid for both restorations and orthodontic devices.

In the industrial field, there are flexible, high-strength materials that can be used even with entry-level printers.

We provide 4- and 5-axis solutions for all types of materials. Both for studios (chairside 4-axis systems) and laboratories (mainly 5-axis but also economic 4-axis for elements and bridges).
We are technicians licensed by our parent companies for 3D printing machine solution and repair. We also give first-level support on milling machines by interfacing with the manufacturer’s support.

We organize on-site demonstrations for 3D scanning and at our offices for additive manufacturing. We make models for product testing and evaluation.